National Parks Near St. George Utah

October 21, 2022

Southern Utah National ParksThe primary entrance to Zion Park is simply forty-five minutes from downtown St. George. Using the shuttle is a terrific way to tour the Park, especially because most private cars aren't permitted in to the canyon although it runs. The Zion Park shuttle runs from late March until late October and works daily from 6:30 a.m. until about 9:30 p.m.

The shuttle will give you on the six mile scenic drive into Zion Canyon, you will get off and on as frequently as you desire to savor the vista. Private cars are permitted within the canyon only throughout the wintertime several weeks.

Most of the hikes in Zion Park are situated along this short portion of road within the canyon. A couple of of the largest hikes are Weeping Rock (.5 miles), Temple of Sinawava Walk (2 miles), and Emerald Pools (2.4 miles).

Remember to consider water, snacks, sun block, shades, as well as your camera. Make sure to put on good walking footwear. The shuttle will collect you in the Zion Park Site visitors Center just within the gates from the Park. On the way back, make sure and take a while to tour the Site visitors Center, and also the Zion History Museum, that provides a superb movie (totally free) plus some interesting shows about Zion’s history.

Whenever you exit the canyon you will need to go to the Zion Canyon Silver Screen Theater, which shows the epic Kieth Merrill film “Zion Canyon: Treasure from the Gods” on the six story high IMAX screen.

Snow Canyon Condition Park

Snow Canyon not just has more than 16 miles of trails that wind with the red-colored rocks of Southern Utah, but you will find also trails for biking and horse riding. You will find designated camping locations and have a picnic areas. The scenery is fantastic for photography. If you are a rock climber, make certain to not miss preventing by Snow Canyon’s famous Circus Wall. It’s an excellent condition park to go to in which you won’t feel overcome, and may visit multiple trails per day. To learn more, take a look at their website here,

Simple to follow directions of ways to get there from I-15 northbound: Take exit 6 (Bluff Street). Go north on Bluff Street towards the intersection with Snow Canyon Parkway. Turn left onto Snow Canyon Parkway and proceed roughly 3.5 miles, then turn right onto Snow Canyon Drive. Follow that route to the park’s south entrance.

Seasons/Open Hrs:

Year-Round – 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. No holiday closures.

Bryce Canyon Park

Associated with pension transfer parks in Utah, Bryce Canyon Park hosts some amazing hiking, biking, horse riding, and off-roading trails. Being around 2 . 5 hrs north from Saint George, Bryce Canyon is the best excursion for viewing certainly one of Utah’s most stunning rock formations. If you wish to live there a couple of days, you will find even areas to pitch a campground, with lots of back country trails to help keep you just busy for any couple of days.

Lake Powell Park

In a driving distance close to three hrs approximately from Saint George, you may enjoy the best boating conditions in Utah. Available to kayaking, aquatic sports (for example water-skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing), fishing, and hiking, you’ll have sufficient to complete there to last greater than a couple of days. It’s an excellent place to go to with the family.

Grand Canyon Park

The Grand Canyon is among the best-known Nature in the usa, and it is only three hrs from Saint George. Many people believe that the only real factor to complete in the Grand Canyon is to take the breathtaking look at the mile deep canyon, but there’s a lot more to see than simply sightseeing! In addition to a lot of trails contained in the canyon itself, but activities round the canyon are all around. There’s a task for just about any season, whether it is horse riding, fishing, biking, ATV and 4X4 tours, aerial tours, mountain climbing and rappelling, camping, or river running.

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St.George Utah Golf
St.George Utah Golf
Timelapse / St. George, Utah (near Zion National Park)
Timelapse / St. George, Utah (near Zion National Park)
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