Utah National Parks Pass

October 20, 2022
Gooseneck State Park, Utah

Entrance costs to nature and national monuments change from $6-$30 per vehicle or $3-$12 per person.

Nature Pass

The brand new America the gorgeous Nature and Federal Leisure Lands Pass is definitely an annual pass supplying use of, and employ of, Federal entertainment websites that charge an entrance or standard amenity fee for any year, starting with the date of purchase. The price of the pass is $80. You can buy the pass online.

Senior citizens who're U.S. people or permanent citizens age 62 or higher can buy an eternity America the gorgeous pass for $10. The could be acquired personally at parks along with other national sites. At some facilities this pass offers a 50 % discount on some broadened amenity costs billed for such things as camping, swimming, boat launch, and specialized interpretive services.

U.S. people or permanent citizens with permanent disabilities may get yourself a lifetime America the gorgeous pass at no cost.

Golden Bald eagle, Golden Age and Golden Access sexual happen to be stopped.


The next rules generally affect Utah's nature and national monuments. Rules may vary from park to fit and limitations in Utah's 2 national entertainment areas vary slightly. Fires are permitted only in fire rings. Fires aren't permitted within the back country. Wood gathering isn't permitted. Check each and every park for that rules, limitations and permits for back country camping. If backpacking is allowed, hikers must camping from sight and 1/2 to at least one mile (based on park rules) from popular trails, streets, or any other enhanced facilities. Hikers must get yourself a back country use permit from the customer center.

All garbage should be completed or deposited in containers provided. Pets should be continued a leash whatsoever occasions and aren't permitted on trails, river outings, or perhaps in the back country. All plants and creatures are safe it's illegal to disturb them. Fishing is permitted having a Utah fishing license hunting isn't permitted.

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