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April 3, 2024
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Park City Library history quilt

The Park City Library—A Community Project for several years

The Park City Library, for a lot of the center of Park City, is caused by many, years of community effort. In September 1888 the Park Record reported, “Miss Lizzie Barbee continues to be hired librarian for that Ladies Library Association library.” Park City were built with a library before Utah had statehood! In Feb 1889 the Park Record listed the 82 new books the library had received. The paper reported the books had “cost the women up to $75”, getting the entire quantity of books within the Library to 327. This primary library was produced inside a room within the basement from the Congregational Chapel and it was available to all who wanted for doing things. Once the City opened up its very own library the books and furnishings were contributed into it. The Congregational Chapel, which grew to become the Park City Community Chapel in 1919, was situated at 402 Park Avenue. The chapel building, now a personal residence, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Primary Street Library


518 Primary Street

The leading page headline the August 3, 1917 Park Record read, “A Public Library for Park City.” Two Park City women had presented the Mayor and City Council a petition signed by more the 200 resident property proprietors and citizens asking that the public library be established, which a yearly tax of 1 mill be levied upon qualities in Park City for maintenance. A unique election occured to submit the proposition towards the citizens. The state tally demonstrated 50 votes cast in support of the library and 16 against.

The Library started within the building adjoining the then City Hall. Before housing the Library, that one-story building, that was built soon after the truly amazing Fire of 1898, had at various occasions contained a tailor, a harness maker, along with a furniture shop. Throughout the 1940’s the Library was opened up for 3 hrs at night Monday through Saturday as well as an hour . 5 within the mid-day on Tuesday and Saturday. In Feb, 1949 the Park Record reported that because of the cold temperature as well as an insufficient home heating within the Library, the Mayor and City Council thought it was essential to close the library at night until further notice. Through the years the Library increased until there have been over 5Thousand volumes available additionally to popular magazines and magazines. Volunteers in the Woman’s Athenaeum along with other social organizations staffed the library and assisted the librarian to keep the books bound as well as in repair. That old City Hall, the bell tower, and also the old Public Library building are on the National Register of Historic Places. These structures, that have been restored in 1983, now house the Park City Museum, the Site visitors Information Center, and Wyoming Woolens.

The Miners Hospital Library


1354 Park Avenue

Because the City increased, so did its library needs. In 1980 Parkites rallied towards the cause and $800Thousand was elevated via a bond problem and donations to revive that old Miners Hospital because the new house from the Park City Library. The Miner’s Hospital had offered the community’s medical needs from 1904 before the mid-50’s when it was subsequently obsolete and it was shut lower. Within the seventies, your building would be a boarding house and, later, a youth hostel. Despite its historic status, your building was nearly razed within the late seventies. An open outcry to preserve your building ensued, also it was ultimately contributed towards the City. Upkeep from the historic landmark started using the effective moving from the 400-ton hospital structure from close to the Park City Mountain Turn to City Park.

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Lester Butler in Park City, Utah
Lester Butler in Park City, Utah
Tracy Morgan released from Park City, Utah hospital
Tracy Morgan released from Park City, Utah hospital
Riding A Bicycle In Park City, Utah
Riding A Bicycle In Park City, Utah
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