Southern Utah map National Parks

October 13, 2022
Map of Southern Utah National

Kane County serves as the “Gateway to The North Rim of the Grand Canyon”. A scenic 80-miles drive from Kanab, through the beautiful Kaibab National Forest, brings you to the edge of the giant 225 mile rift in the Earth’s surface: The Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon overwhelms the senses through its immense size and inspiring landscapes.

This National Park is one of the world’s premier natural attractions; but because of its remoteness, the North Rim hosts only 10% of the annual 5 million international visitors. Thus, the North Rim offers a very different, more personal experience: Solitude, a slower pace, and the feeling of going back in time. Kick back in the comfy rockers on the patio of the historic North Rim Lodge, venture out on Bright Angel Point to peer into the mile-deep bowls of the Canyon, or take mule ride down to the Mighty Colorado River, to meet the actual artist who sculpted this magnificent Canyon.The Grand Canyon is a massive chasm that was cut by the Colorado River and its tributaries over the past 6 million years. It is over 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and one mile at it’s deepest. It is located in north western Arizona and was one of the first national parks in the United States.

The Grand Canyon is very diverse biologically. It contains four of the five types of desert found in the United States and five of the seven life zones. The zones include the Lower Sonoran, Upper Sonoran, Transition, Canadian, and Hudsonian. The park’s drastic changes in elevation and its varying climate levels throughout the elevations are responsible for the wide variety of plant and animal life.

Native Americans were the first inhabitants of the Grand Canyon. In the late 1800’s early Americans began exploring the area and by the early 1900’s the Grand Canyon became a tourist destination. The canyon received federal protection in 1893 and was recognized as a U.S. Nation Park in 1919. Today the park receives over 5 million visitors annually.

The Grand Canyon started out as deposits made from a warm shallow sea about 2 billion years ago. Different deposits of minerals and sediments through the ages cause the different layers in the canyon walls. These layers were formed as the shallow sea rose and fell, as beaches and swamp lands were formed, and from ancient sand dunes.

Eventually, the Colorado River was formed. Around 65 million years ago, the Colorado Plateau began to raise a large portion of land 5, 000 to 10, 000 feet above its original elevation. This elevation change caused the Colorado River and its tributaries to cut through the ground at a rapid rate. During the Ice Age moisture levels in the canyon increased and gave the Colorado River much more power to slice deeper and deeper through the rock and sediment. Then, nearly one million years ago, volcanic action in the western canyon area caused ash and lava to settle and form new deposits in the Grand Canyon. These rocks are the youngest found in the park today.

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