Browning Museum Utah

May 26, 2018
Browning Firearms Museum

Our 1935 Hudson is on loan from Alan Stockland.

Good reputation for the gathering

In 1971 Matt and Barbara Browning began their collection using the 1930 Packard Model 733 Standard Eight Dual Cowl Phaeton. Consequently of the shared curiosity about old cars they'd an passionate and meticulous mission for rare and pristine original automobiles, resulting within the finest assortment of prewar Brass American classics put together in the recent past. Their keen curiosity about people and individuals who loved their cars brought for their participation in vehicle tours and led to a legacy of effective reminiscences and good buddies. Together almost 30 years ago Matt and Barbara devoted the Browning-Kimball antique vehicle museum at Ogden’s Historic Union Station in which the exhibit was constantly freshened with exciting and new motor cars using their personal collection.

Come in and see our newest little beauty! A 1929 Graham Paige on loan from Leon Jones.After Matt and Barbara died, 1996 &lifier 1999, nine of the collection was contributed to Ogden City to be display at the museum. They have an exceptional display of proper automobiles. We begin using these cars for that annual Pioneer Day Parade, This summer 24th, along with other special occasions. Also displayed are a couple of cars contributed towards the museum, a 1937 Packard 115c business coupe from Max Kennedy of Layton Utah, along with a 1929 Durant two door sedan from station volunteers Erectile dysfunction and Louise Cooper. Other products of great interest includes two antique service station pumps, a Dansbury and Franklin mint scale model cars and fire engines, and an accumulation of Utah license plates dating from 1915 through the seventies. Award Trophies’ from various vehicle shows, including Concourse D’ Elegance at Pebble Beach .

Our volunteers happen to be very generous using their time contributed and items. Steven Sherwood and Alex Jolin would be the amazing volunteers accountable for maintaining your automobiles polished as well as in excellent condition. Dork Rusch has contributed several products from old service stations, oil and brake fluid cans etc.

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John M. Browning Firearms Museum Ogden Utah
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