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April 7, 2019
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The Utah Division of Arts &lifier Museums continues to be supporting Utah’s literary community in excess of half a century. The Utah Original Writing Competition started in 1958 and it has since broadened with other choices. Through blood pressure measurements, conferences and training courses offered throughout Utah, in addition to support for professional development for authors, the Literary Arts program has had the ability to reinforce growth and interest across all literary genres.

Bite-Size Poetry

We’ve asked notable Utah poets to recite short poems they’ve written. Our buddies at TWIG Media Lab have produced videos from the blood pressure measurements. This will be our last video of the present batch. Enjoy!

Poet Laureate

Utah started its Poet Laureate enter in 1997. The Poet Laureate is really a Governor-hired advocate for literature and also the arts through the condition. The Poet Laureate can be obtained for blood pressure measurements at public occasions as well as in venues including libraries, colleges and schools. To achieve the Poet Laureate go to your organization, please complete the Poet Laureate appearance request form.

Literary Assets

Utah hosts a wealthy and various writing community. Through the condition, you will find several literary journals and magazines (both print and electronic), conferences, competitions, honours, festivals and presses. These vary from independent to college- and faculty-backed magazines, occasions and training courses, and can include content in most literary genres, frequently combined with visual arts. Furthermore, audiences for every vary from close to national and from secular to non secular, and therefore are including experienced and emerging authors alike. For a listing of assets, click the link.


Poetry Aloud
The Nation's Endowment for that Arts and also the Poetry Foundation have joined with Utah Arts &lifier Museums’ Literature Program to aid Poetry Aloud, which inspires Utah’s youth to discover great poetry through recall skills and gratifaction. Condition arts agencies receiving arts education funding from NEA are needed to sign up.

Original Writing Competition
The annual Original Writing Competition has won national respect due to the status of their idol judges and also the honors received by its those who win. In excess of half a century, this competition has honored a number of Utah’s finest authors with public recognition, career assistance and funds awards.

Source: heritage.utah.gov
Utah Division of Arts and Museums-Bite-Size Poetry-Janine
Utah Division of Arts and Museums-Bite-Size Poetry-Janine
Utah Division of Arts and Museums-Bite Size Poetry-Susan
Utah Division of Arts and Museums-Bite Size Poetry-Susan
Utah Division of Arts and Museums-Bite-Size Poetry-Rob
Utah Division of Arts and Museums-Bite-Size Poetry-Rob
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