Utah National Parks and Monuments

December 20, 2020
Fighting a Fear of Heights at

Monument Valley, Utah, an legendary indication of the American West, may be the sacred heart from the Navajo Nation and also the ideal setting for your forthcoming adventure within the warm, high desert climate of southeastern Utah. Somewhat, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park may be the definitive West. Ancestral spirits infuse the rugged, troublesome landscapes that feel foreign, yet noticeably familiar because of Hollywood's lengthy romance with this particular land. Enjoy hiking, jeep tours, horse riding and stargazing in Monument Valley, some by yourself, some escorted and read by Navajo guides.

Any trip to southeastern Utah must include a trip to Monument Valley — but be cautioned: this remote, inspiring place demands a closer inspection. Site visitors may explore the 17-mile scenic drive privately automobiles or book one half-day or full-day jeep tour look around the area's backroads and sacred lands with the aid of a nearby guide. The valley is location of towering sandstone rock formations which have been sculpted with time and soar 400 to at least one, 000 ft over the valley floor. Combined with surrounding mesas, buttes, and desert atmosphere, it genuinely is among the natural miracles around the globe.

Stay the evening and come out at night to understand the timelessness and question from the Milky Way. Preventing to understand the tempos of the ancient, sacred land is able to improve your perspective should you take time to allow it to.

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Utah Canyonlands National Park Monument Basin
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National Parks and Monuments
National Parks and Monuments
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Utah - Arches and Monument Valley National Parks
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