Utah State National Parks

December 14, 2021
Utah National & State Parks on
  • Nature in Utah (and 2 nearby)

38˚ North around the Utah Map

Something good happened some time back at 38˚ north latitude. All five from the nature in Utah are inside a sandstone’s throw from it — actually, you can drive-thru all of them in one overstimulated mid-day. (You can, however, you shouldn’t. That’d end up like sprints with the Louvre.)

Over 150 million years the soft-ant stone sediments during these five spots relented in strange, beautiful ways, cutting open one spectrum of yellows, pinks, yellows, grays and whites, all dappled with eco-friendly. It’s known as the Grand Staircase, however, you could think about it as being a peeling painting, twelve layers displayed from Bryce towards the Grand Canyon.

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It is not only true (they’re not extinct in the end!), it’s a useful mnemonic for recalling the Utah nature from east to west:

The Holey Land (See: Delicate Arch, Landscape Arch, Fiery Furnace)

The slow work of cruel rivers (See: Grand View Point, Horseshoe Canyon, how tough you're)

A snag within the earth’s crust, 100 miles lengthy (See: Waterpocket Fold, historic Fruita)

Sometimes-snowy erosions, elevated (See: Navajo Loop, Fairyland Point/Loop)

The earliest, probably the most visited (See: Subway, Angels Landing, your existence expensive before your vision)

Museums of Ancient Art

Michelangelo wasn’t bad Rembrandt made nice pictures and Kahlo had some interesting ideas however the Earth’s finest works of art weren’t produced by human hands. And they’re all in southern Utah.

It’s a red-orangey-pink swath of the U . s . Condition that’s eroded in audacious ways. New York’s got the MoMA Utah has five museums of ancient art. Climb via a hole smacked inside a mountain, hike via a slot canyon, kayak the Colorado and explore Bryce Canyon’s rock opera. It’s art appreciation in hiking boots.

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    Archways Park

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    Bryce Canyon Park

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    Canyonlands Park

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    Capitol Reef Park

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    Zion Park

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Source: utah.com
Bryce Canyon National Park - Utah - United States
Bryce Canyon National Park - Utah - United States
Zion National Park - Utah State Route 9
Zion National Park - Utah State Route 9
Hiking Five National Parks, Three State Parks in Utah
Hiking Five National Parks, Three State Parks in Utah
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