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February 20, 2015
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  • * * Under Construction * * A collection of guided tours available from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. Note, there are also guided tours departing from the areas surrounding the South Rim. This Inside Page will not include those tours. This is specifically for tours departing Las Vegas.

Visitors going to Las Vegas who want to experience the Grand Canyon should make sure they have sufficient time in their itinerary. GCNP is not "next door" to Las Vegas. Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) is 280 miles from Las Vegas. This is about 5 hours average drive-time. It is about an hour air ride from Las Vegas. It's a one-day adventure getting there, whether driving yourself or using a guided tour. Forum writers on TripAdvisor advise that the best experience is to spend at least a full day or an overnight at the canyon. Typical tours from Las Vegas provide 2 - 2.5 hours at GCNP. Both coach tours and air tours offer options for overnight excursions. It is also possible to buy "flight only" tickets from some of the air tour companies and arrange your own tour by taking a taxi into the park once arriving at GC Airport. If you are able to go to GCNP by rental car, set aside 2 days in your itinerary and book lodging at the park or nearby. Many of the Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas actually go to Grand Canyon West. It is scenic but in a more intimate setting (described below). You are lower and closer to the canyon floor, river, and walls but the West Rim has only two main viewpoints. It is not part of GCNP but is part of the Grand Canyon. It covers 122 out of 277 miles of the Grand Canyon. More information on many of the tours below can be found by searching the Las Vegas Forum and the Grand Canyon National Park Forum. See below for information about a video about Grand Canyon West.

* * Disclaimer * * this information was collected from sources here on Trip Advisor, and from other websites. The information may be incomplete or even incorrect (hopefully not.) If you see information that is incorrect, please fix it. If you have information to add regarding the guided tours operating from Las Vagas, please do so.

There are many entry and viewpoints for seeing the Grand Canyon. Some are located through Grand Canyon National Park (North Rim and South Rim) or the Hualapai Indian Reservation (Grand Canyon West). For those adventure travelers, there's also Havasu Falls, which requires an 8 mile hike to the village, then an addition 1.5 miles to the Falls (well worth it); helicopter service used to be available until the heliport was flooded and destroyed. In addition, temperatures are much higher on the West Rim (during summer by as much as 20 degree!). In additino, the North Rim is definitely an overnight, and possibly a multi-stay trip. Keep these locations in mind when choosing a guided tour.

1. Grand Canyon West - Hualapai Indian Reservation*

The area immediately east of Lake Mead, on the southern side of the Colorado River, is administered by the Hualapai Nation (pronounced Wall-O-Pie) and is not part of Grand Canyon National Park. The Hualapai Indian Nation includes the Supai, Havasu, Havasupai, and Yavapai People. They have attached the name of Grand Canyon West to the area. The town of Peach Springs is within Hualapai territory, as is the Quartermaster Viewpoint. Grand Canyon West's Eagle Point is where the Grand Canyon Skywalk is located. The Skywalk has been completed and rolled out over the side canyon. It opened March 28, 2007. It will operate from a temporary visitors center until the permanent center can be completed. The only viewpoints that you can access by accompanied motor coach are Eagle and Guano Points.

The Skywalk has been advertised as being "4000' above the Colorado River." It is not. Rim elevation is about 4, 100' above sea level. The river / bottom of the canyon, is at about 1, 200. The canyon depth is therefore about 2, 900'. In contrast the elevation at GCNP South Rim is about 7200' and the canyon there is about 5000' deep.

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