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August 25, 2022
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We offer funding to artists, nonprofit organizations, museums and schools through grants or loans and competitions.


Utah Arts &lifier Museums honours over $a million dollars in grants or loans each year to aid and assist arts organizations, cultural organizations, and museums over the condition of Utah. Grant possibilities are for sale to schools and teachers, nonprofit organizations, local arts agencies/cities, and artists. Grant funding is supplied through the Condition of Utah and also the National Endowment for that Arts. Grants or loans are competitive and panel-examined. Bring us your great ideas!

Grant possibilities are for sale to schools and teachers, nonprofit organizations, local arts agencies/cities and artists. All grant programs should be posted online. Registration is needed to gain access to grant programs and could be completed online anytime.

Poetry Aloud Competition

Recitation and gratifaction are major new trends in poetry. The Nation's Endowment for that Arts and also the Poetry Foundation have joined with this Literature Program to aid the development of Poetry Aloud, which inspires the Utah’s youth to discover great poetry through recall skills and gratifaction.

State-wide Annual Competition

Visual arts competitions and displays happen to be a task from the condition since 1899, supplying juried displays available to all Utah artists along with a forum that the Permanent Collection Committee could make acquisition recommendations.

Original Writing Competition

This annual competition has won national respect due to the status of their idol judges and also the honors received by its those who win. In excess of half a century, this competition has honored a number of Utah’s finest authors, with public recognition, career assistance, and funds.

Visual Arts Fellowships

Fellowships are for sale to individual artists practicing crafts, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, artist’s bookmaking, and dealing in new genres, conceptual arts and video. Fellowship grants or loans don't require matching funds.

Capital Facilities Demands to Utah Condition Legislature

Arts organizations and museums are in possession of a proper tactic to request condition financial help for capital facilities projects. You should choose prioritization of the capital facilities project funding through Utah Arts &lifier Museums. Our advisory boards will supply the Governor’s Office and Utah Condition Legislature a listing of prioritized capital facilities projects for consideration when creating condition budgets. Get more information at more details.

OnStage in Utah

We recognize the key role of presenters in connecting carrying out artists with Utah audiences. The OnStage in Utah competitive funding can be obtained to Utah presenters to aid public performances and outreach of in-condition or out-of-condition carrying out artists.


ArtOps is devoted to getting art possibilities to Utah artists. Possibilities come from local, national and worldwide sources, and can include various funding sources, displays, and residencies &lifier professional development. Click the menu products above for the interest area.


MuseOps are regional and national causes of potential funding and therefore are listed only like a service. They aren't given by Utah Arts &lifier Museums review them carefully before using. Only museum-specific possibilities are right here.

Public Art Commissions

Public art helps bring the humanities to all the people from the condition with the commission and installing of site-specific art for Condition public structures. Discover much more about current and approaching requires qualifications.

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