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October 31, 2022
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Dolly's Book shop first opened up it's doorways in Park City, Utah, June 1975, and it was referred to as "Dolly's Boutique and Book shop." The shop offered sundries, clothing and LP records additionally to books. Through the years, Dolly's has gone through numerous makeovers and changes. Now, situated directly behind the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and near the Park City Museum, Dolly's reaches 510 Primary, in the middle of historic Park City.

Dolly's Book shop is honored to become an important person in the Park City and independent book shop community.

Dolly's offers game titles for those tastes, in addition to toys, cards, gifts, stationary and much more.


Established in 1975.

Dolly's Book shop first opened up it's doorways in Park City, Utah, June 1975 by the one and only Dolly Makoff, and it was referred to as "Dolly's Boutique and Book shop". The shop offered sundries, clothing and LP records additionally to books. Through the years, Dolly's has gone through numerous makeovers and changes. Dolly's ended up being bought by Claire and Norm Weiss and it was family-went for several years. Park City local people, Nick and Kathy Pederson bought the shop in 1999 and also have went it since. Now, situated directly behind the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and near the Park City Museum, at 510 Primary Street, Dolly's is in the middle of historic Park City.

Dolly's Book shop is honored to become an important person in the Park City and independent book shop community. With close ties across Summit County, including: The Park City Education Foundation, Buddies of Creatures, and Mountain Trails Foundation.

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Dog Sledding, Park City Utah
Dog Sledding, Park City Utah
Dog Sledding Park City, Utah | Park City Dog Sledding
Dog Sledding Park City, Utah | Park City Dog Sledding
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