Real Estate in Park City, Utah

October 27, 2022
Choosing Real Estate in Park

Apex Residences in Park City Utah - Ski Homes at Canyons VillageBy Steve Blankenship

The Residences at 205 Main is the newest condominium project being added to Park City's historic Old Town real estate area. Located on upper Main Street in between the popular Grappa restaurant and the remodeled Imperial Hotel, 205 Main will feature six luxurious condominium residences. Each residence will range from approximately 2, 715 t0 3, 298 square feet in size and will feature three bedrooms and four baths; private entry and elevator access; custom cabinetry, countertops, flooring and lighting throughout as well as hot tubs and most importantly a private parking garage.

These upscale and contemporary residences will go fast starting at $2.9 million.

Contact Steve at 435-640-6966 for more information on how to reserve one of these spectacular condominiums for sale.

Other new construction condominium projects in Old Town include: Sky Silver, Sky Strada, 820 Park Avenue, Parkite,

By Steve Blankenship

Apex Residences at Park City is soon going to be the highest elevation ski development at Park City Resorts' Canyons Village. Apex is brought to you by the same architect who designed Stein Eriksen Residences in Upper Deer Valley. The 63 modern mountain-living townhomes and "stacked" condominium residences will be located just above Vintage on the Strand and offer three, four and five bedroom models ranging from approximately 2, 000 to 3, 800 square feet in size.

Apex Residences for Sale - Canyons Resort Village Real Estate - Park City UtahAmenities at Apex Residences will include concierge style living, a private Apex Shuttle, a 5, 800 square foot clubhouse with fitness center, club room, adjoining bar area, fire pit, splash pad, heated outdoor pool & hot tubs, game room as well as a spa treatment room.

Pricing for these amazing Park City ski properties for sale will range from , 400, 000 to $3, 200, 000. The reservation process will start soon.

Inquire today! Call KW Broker Steve Blankenship at 435-640-6966 to receive more information.

Other new real estate developments at Canyons Village include Blackstone Residences, , Fairway Springs, Frostwood Golf & Ski Villas, Juniper Landing, Vintage on the Strand (Phase 2) and Lift - a new modern mountain lodge above Hyatt Escala.

One Empire Pass is going to be the first lodge built on Empire Pass in over seven years. The intimate ski-in/ski-out resort hotel will comprise of 27 private condominium residences featuring two, three and four bedroom models ranging in size from approximately 1, 850 to 3, 200 square feet. All residences will span the entire width of the building and each unit will have direct elevator access, eliminating central hallways. Enjoy modern mountain living overlooking the Daly Chutes and Lady Morgan Bowl as well as the Old Town valley.

Apexresidencesparkcity3One Empire Pass is brought to you by East West Partners - the resort development and management experts who developed Beaver Creek, Arrowleaf, Larkspur, Paintbrush and Shooting Star to just name a few. East West Partners teamed up with IBI Group, a globally experienced architectural firm as well as celebrated "IT" designer Barclay Butera.

Excavation has just begun and the estimated completion date is set for Thanksgiving 2017. Unit reservations will begin soon.

Contact KW Real Estate Broker Steve Blankenship at 435-640-6966 for more information on this amazing new project and the process of reserving a residence at One Empire Pass.

This week the new Quicksilver Gondola opened at Park City Mountain Resort. The new eight-passenger gondola connects Park City Mountain and former Canyons Resort. Park City Mountain Resort is the largest ski resort in North America.

Contact Keller Williams Real Estate Broker Steve Blankenship for the real estate investment options along Park City Mountain Resort.

Apex Residences Canyons Village Park City UtahBy Steve Blankenship

This amazing property is located in the Deer Valley real estate area of Deer Crest. The exclusive gated community of Deer Crest offers some of the most luxurious single family homes and condominiums in the world. This turnkey townhome at Deer Pointe features four bedrooms and seven baths, a tiered theater room, wine cellar, top of the line appliances, hot tub, beautiful hardwood floors as well as a lower level bar and pool table. Deer Pointe is located just minutes from Jordanelle Reservoir and St. Regis Deer Valley. A Deer Crest Club membership can be purchased to enjoy shuttle service and amenities at St. Regis. Deer Pointe has its own private new hill track elevator ski lift for easy access to the Deer Valley ski runs.

Contact KW Real Estate Broker Steve Blankenship for more information at 435-640-6966.

The Residences at Blackstone are located at Canyons Village just steps from the cabriolet. The three bedroom townhomes of Phase 1 will be finished and move-in ready in two weeks. Only one unit in Phase 1 remains.

Contact Steve at 435-640-6966 for more information on how to secure this great townhome opportunity before the holidays.

These amazing properties will be auctioned off with NO Reserve on Saturday, December 5, 2015. This is your chance to try and get one of these luxury properties for a great deal. Contact KW Real Estate Broker Steve Blankenship at 435-640-6966 for more information.

Thanksgiving is not something you feel once a year... it is an attitude you carry with you all year long. The opportunity to serve clients like you gives me joy and thankfulness every day of the year. I would like to wish you a peaceful Thanksgiving holiday and the time to truly enjoy it with your friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving!

The demand for luxury mountain living in Utah's great outdoors has never been greater. The private golf community of Victory Ranch reported approximately $62 million in sales and reservations this year so far. As a result Victory Ranch is announcing new releases of homesites and cabin collections along with new amenities.

After 61 Victory Ranch cabin homes and estate homesites have either been reserved or sold this year alone, only three Club Cabin homes remain in Phase 1. As the Club House cabins are almost sold out, Victory Ranch is introducing the Fairway Cabin Homes. Five new homes are currently being build, and one has already gone under contract. Each property is located along the golf course next to the future The Barn clubhouse.

One Empire Pass - Condominiums for Sale - Park City & Deer Valley real estate Deer Crest Real Estate - Deer Pointe Townhomes for sale Deer Valley Condos for Sale - Deer Crest Real Estate - Luxury Townhomes Deer Valley Real Estate - Deer Crest Condominiums for Sale - Deer Pointe

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23 Ashley Court, Park City, Utah | Park Meadows Real Estate
23 Ashley Court, Park City, Utah | Park Meadows Real Estate
Independent Real Estate Coalition (IREC) in Park City, Utah
Independent Real Estate Coalition (IREC) in Park City, Utah
Park City, Utah Real Estate
Park City, Utah Real Estate
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