Forecast Park City Utah

September 8, 2022
(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake

Although Park City is located fairly far south in the United States it experiences all four seasons. Because of its high elevation the winters in Park City can get quite cold, the temperature in January averaging only between 10 and 20 degrees F. For the same reason, the summers in Park City can be on the cool side as well, averaging only in the mid 70's in July. Park City, being a ski resort town, also gets a fair amount of snow, December and January averaging about 14 inches per month.

Park City is visited by tourists all year 'round, both for its skiing and for its other mountain-based activities such as hiking and mountain biking. For an up to date weather forecast of park city, click here or at - weather information for Park City Utah.

Live Webcam of Historic Main Street

Park City Snow Reports are updated daily by the three resorts; Canyons, Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley. Be the first to know how much snow each of the resorts received each day, daily conditions, and much more.

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June 5 Weather Update for Park City, Utah!
June 5 Weather Update for Park City, Utah!
Ski Conditions Report for Park City Canyons Utah
Ski Conditions Report for Park City Canyons Utah
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