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September 13, 2022
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Utah CitiesPark City

Situated along Interstate 80, Park City is really a scenic town focused on the eastern side from the Wasatch National Forest from Salt Lake City. A festive, northern Utah town, Park City features from shopping and skiing, to popular museums and famous festivals.

Park City is better noted for hosting the annual Sundance Film Festival โ€“ held each The month of january and drawing 1000's of independent filmmakers and movie buffs from around the globe. PC features more Utah occasions, such as the Park City Kimball Arts Festival and also the Park City Jazz Festival.

PC can also be the place to find Utah Olympic Park, the website from the 2002 Winter Olympic games and also the 2002 Eccles Winter Olympic Museum โ€“ the Alf Engen Ski History Museum.

Occur the stunning Wasatch Mountain tops, Park City also provides hiking, biking, fishing, and character viewing through the surrounding backwoods. Throughout Utah's ski season, mind towards the nearby Park City Mountain Resort, , Deer Valley Resort, or Canyons Resort โ€“ Utah's biggest ski area.

6560 N Landmark Drive, Park City UT

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Best Western Landmark Inn Park City 3
Best Western Landmark Inn Park City 3
2011 Visitors Choice Awards: Best Terrain Park: Park City Utah
2011 Visitors Choice Awards: Best Terrain Park: Park City Utah
X Dance Best Film Awards - Park City Utah, 2006
X Dance Best Film Awards - Park City Utah, 2006
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