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July 1, 2020
State Liquor Store - Beer

What's the legal consuming age in Utah?
You've got to be a minimum of 21 years old to buy, possess, or discover any alcoholic drink. Acceptable types of identification include: a legitimate passport, a legitimate license or military identification card having a birth date along with a photo, or perhaps an official condition released identification card.

How can i buy packed alcoholic drink items to visit?
All packed liquor, wine and full-strength beer should be bought from the Utah condition liquor store or perhaps a package agency. You will find 41 condition stores (including three niche wine stores) and 111 more compact package agencies. Some resorts and hotels have package agencies to support their visitors through room service. For an entire listing of all store and package agency locations, click the link. Beer (with 3.2% alcohol content by weight) in bottles or cans might be bought to visit for the most part grocery and supermarkets in Utah.

How can i purchase a cocktail, a glass of vino, or perhaps a beer in Utah?
Liquor, wine, full-strength beer, and beer (3.2% alcohol) can be found through the glass at licensed restaurants and clubs. Wines are available too through the bottle during these institutions. Beer can also be bought in lots of locations that possess a "beer only" type license. Included in this are taverns, beer bars, more compact restaurants or coffee shops, bookstores, snack bars, etc.

Alcohol beverage service inside a licensed restaurant mandates that you order food together with your drink, that the beverage be shipped for your table or counter from your server, which you take in your drink at or close to the table or counter.

Alcohol beverage service inside a club doesn't need that you simply order food. Full bar service and table service are generally available. Persons younger than 21 aren't permitted within the lounge or bar section of a golf club.

Beer service in "beer only" institutions doesn't need that you simply order food. Note, however, that persons younger than 21 years might not be around the premises of certain "beer only" institutions for example taverns, beer bars, nightclubs, or cabarets.

Exactly what is a "club"?
A “club" is a kind of liquor license in Utah that gives full alcoholic drink service at bar or table without or with a purchase of food. The majority are either “social clubs” – bars or nightclubs with dancing and live music or “dining clubs” - restaurants with bars. Other kinds of clubs are equity and fraternal clubs. There's no membership needed to patronize a dining or social “club”.

Persons younger than 21 years might not be around the premises of the social club, but might be within the diner of the dining club if supported by an individual who is 21 years old or older. However, condition law forbids minors around the premises from the lounge or bar section of any club.

Exist limitations on consuming alcoholic drinks in public areas?
Yes. Condition law forbids consuming liquor inside a public building, park, stadium, or on the public bus. You might 't be intoxicated inside a public spot to a diploma regarding jeopardize themself or any other, or unreasonably disturb others. Consuming or getting a wide open container of alcohol within the passenger compartment of the automobile is prohibited. Also, typically, you might not bring an alcoholic drink to the premises of the establishment available to everyone if it's to become consumed around the premises.

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