Park City Utah lift tickets Deals

October 11, 2022
Park City Ski Pictures and

Mountain Description For Park City, Utah

Situated in the middle of Park City, Utah, merely a 35-minute drive from Salt Lake City Airport Terminal, Park City hosts over 7, 300 skiable acres with a decent mixture of beginner, intermediate and advanced terrain suited to every skier and driver. Throughout summer time 2015, the accommodation began the biggest resort improvement project within the good reputation for American skiing, connecting it with neighbor Canyons Turn to produce the U . s . States’ biggest ski area.

Mountain Information

We collected some key statistics about Park City that will help you pick the right resort for the ski vacation

The Mountain is presently Open

The accommodation opens on November. 21, 2015 and shuts on

Base elevation:


Top elevation:




Skiable Area:

7300 ac



Longest Run:

3 mi



Terrain Parks:




Year Opened up:


Avg. Snowfall


Days Open:


Evening Skiing:


Source: world wide

Lift Ticket Prices For Park City

Adult CostKids CostJuniorSeason Pass





Ski &lifier Snowboard The Cost Of Rent For Park City



Trail Map for Park City

Browse the terrain and obtain a feeling for that mountain while using map below.

Contact Park City

Resort Address: P.O. Box 39, 84060 Park City

Snowfall Progress Report.

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Buy Your Discount Season Passes Early to Park City Resorts
Buy Your Discount Season Passes Early to Park City Resorts ...
2BR 2FB Park City Corner Condo Sleeps 6 in Beds
2BR 2FB Park City Corner Condo Sleeps 6 in Beds
Sundance Discount Lift Tickets 801-523-9108 Other resorts too.
Sundance Discount Lift Tickets 801-523-9108 Other resorts too.
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