Ritz Carlton Park City Utah

October 26, 2022


Good Karma Restaurants, Park City, Utah

Executive Chef Gohary is responsible in order to obtain Good Karma Restaurant’s fresh and different menu mix. As Chief Operating Officer, Houman, together with his business partner, Blanca Gohary handles every aspect of the daily restaurant procedures and directs the growing Catering wing from the Good Karma business.

Together with his family, Houman is a resident of Park City, Utah for 15 many involves our planet famous mountain resort town following 3 decades of acclaimed worldwide culinary experience and company duties with your industry symbols because the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company and much more recent the Grand Summit Hotel and Conference Center in the Canyons Resort, the flag ship resort of yankee Skiing Company in Park City, Utah.

Chef Gohary tenure with Ritz Carlton required Houman to spread out and operate food and beverage shops for 5 Star Hotels in Osaka, Shanghai, Barcelona and Dubai within the U . s . Arab Emirates. Chef Gohary was selected as Corporate Trainer in Ritz Carlton Bay Area and assisted to attain San Francisco’s only 5 Star, Five Gemstone hotel property at that time and first hotel to get Malcom Baldrige Quality Award.

We have spent with and perfecting combined and fusion dishes for a long time, Chef Gohary has came back to hs Persian roots of wholesomeness and ease having a pursuit to supply tasty, healthy and healthy cuisine for that discriminating global traveler and sports health minded life styles in our neighborhood to make use of periodic organic items anywhere can be done. Chef Gohary’s Good Karma Restaurant’s dishes are pure the climate is fusion. Houman anticipates discussing his talent and understanding of unique quality recipes with Park City local people and site visitors and is constantly on the volunteer his some time and the restaurants’ convenience of neighborhood occasions, fund raising activities in addition to numerous private functions.

Chef Gohary continues to be the Host Chef on NBC’s Today Show throughout the 2002 Winter Olympic games in Park City, Utah as well as for the2006 Winter Olympic games in Torino, Italia. Chef Gohary has additionally made an appearance around the Discovery Funnel, Food Network with Rachel Ray as well as on PBS television in addition to many local and condition broadcasting.

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The Ritz Carlton Battery Park City 2
The Ritz Carlton Battery Park City 2
THE RITZ CARLTON 10 West Street 24E Battery Park City
THE RITZ CARLTON 10 West Street 24E Battery Park City
The Ritz Carlton Battery Park City 10 West Street 3
The Ritz Carlton Battery Park City 10 West Street 3
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