Park City Utah Summer activities

August 23, 2022
Summer Activities | Park City

With more than 150 miles of public trails surrounding Park City, there's no excuse not to make the most of them and experience Park City for the first time. Also, many popular resorts for example Deer Valley, Canyons, and Park City Mountain Resort run their ski lifts so visitors can bike lower the runs.

Water Activities

Aquatic sports and fishing are popular activities to take part in while in Park City. The Jordanelle and Rockport Tanks offer boat rental fees and also the Echo Reservoir offers whitewater rafting around the Weber River. These tanks are popular for waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing. However, if you wish to enjoy water, fishing is another extremely popular activity at these tanks, and also the waters are often open throughout a few of the cooler several weeks too. Remember about kayaking, canoeing and wave runners while you’re on water.

Golf in Park City

Prepared to relax in Park City? Start your day served by a game of golf on the great Park City courses. Absorb the truly amazing sights from the mountain tops and also the blue skies when you have a round of 18 on among the premier courses within the intermountain region. The Park City Club is within an excellent location that provides temps about 15 levels cooler compared to surrounding areas. Park City has an array of great courses all able to provide a great begin to your entire day. For an entire listing of courses visit our golf page.

Outside Activities

You will find many outside activities that everyone can also enjoy. Have a hayride or perhaps a horseback ride through Park City consuming the websites and moments of the beautiful condition. Don’t miss the chance to savor the websites and moments from 1000's of ft in mid-air if you take a warm air balloon ride over Park City. If remaining on the floor fits your needs, you will find many condition parks through the place to go through the scenery and breathtaking sights. Also, don’t overlook the five nature that Utah hosts. Any action you select, you'll be encircled with a great view and will also be creating reminiscences that serve you for a lifetime.


Many resorts offer activities directly on their home to entertain visitors, and throughout the summer time it's no different. From rollercoasters to ziplines, visitors may have several choices to select from. Have a Gondola ride, 8Thousand ft over the ground to determine Park City for the first time or have a evening underneath the stars in an outside concert in an amphitheater. Following a lengthy day under the sun, relax in the health spa while reminiscing regarding your great day.

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Park City Utah Summer 2013
Park City Utah Summer 2013
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Summer Vacation: Premium Park City Rental in Utah
Utah Summer
Utah Summer
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