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May 8, 2018
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Whenever you travel with pets things don’t always go as planned. Just to illustrate: our trip to Salt Lake City … the one which didn’t quite happen.

Initially disappointed, we reshuffled our plans and headed towards the mountain tops and also the much more comfortable weather of greater elevations. Think levels within the 70s and lows within the 40s!

Sniffing at Around

Park City is 32 miles southeast of downtown Salt Lake City. This ski resort was initially settled for that silver ore found here. But through the finish from the nineteen fifties, the stop by silver prices had nearly switched Park City right into a ghost town. Within the mid-sixties, the city was reborn like a winter entertainment destination. Oh, to possess bought some land in those days!

They see their share of celebs here – the 2002 Winter Olympic games ski and snowboarding occasions were locked in Park City and nearby Deer Valley, the united states ski team calls Park City home, and every year Sundance – the US’s biggest independent film festival – involves town. Many famous everyone has houses in the region, so look out while you stroll around.

Pet Friendly Lodging and Restaurants

The website created three pet friendly hotels in Park City and twelve pet friendly restaurants, so it's very easy to pay for the area and board fundamentals. We ate out more than ever before and recommend Prime Restaurant for his or her exceedingly pet friendly attitude, Easy Street Steak and Sea food, who’s heated patio floor keeps dogs cozy on chilly nights, and Primary Street Pizza and Noodle, in which the pizza and repair were fantastic!

Park City’s only campground includes a 20 pound weight limit for dogs – clearly that wasn’t going to get results for us. But Jordanelle Condition Park is extremely near by and switched to be among the most popular campsites from the journey. It had been wonderfully clean, an excellent value at just $20 a evening, coupled with paved pathways for walking the dogs. We'd a hard time dragging ourselves away and wound up remaining for six nights.

Pet Friendly Perspective

Whether you’re a brief history aficionado, shopaholic, walker, biker, foodie, or somebody that likes the straightforward pleasure of settling along with mug of coffee for any little watching people, you’ll find something to love in Park City. Ok last one, there’s skiing too.

Its transformation from silver town to ski mecca covers all of the bases, but to all of us it felt a little contrived … as with striving way too hard to become quaint and charming. I can’t put my finger onto it exactly … it’s such as the aftertaste from artificial sweetener – not obnoxious, however a tad off-putting.

We learned from among the local people that before Park City’s recognition increased, the citizens passionately known into it as “Bark City.” As well as on a day you can tell who had been within the local consuming institutions through the dogs which were happening front. Everything has transformed from individuals days, but you’ll still find plenty related to your pets here.

We recommend preventing through the visitor’s center and getting a historic walking tour guide while you go up Primary Street. You can study just a little trivia while you research the numerous boutiques, coffee houses and restaurants on the way.

If you would like to leave and relish the scenery el born area is known for, you’ll find over 350 miles of trails and seven, 000 acres of maintained open space to understand more about.
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