Wedding Venues in Park City, Utah

September 30, 2022
Silver Lake Lodge at Deer

Who believed that Summer time was not going to get to Utah? I certainly had my doubts, that’s without a doubt! Following a very snowy wet spring, the nice and cozy weather has finally showed up in Utah! Along with the the sunshine and blooming flowers, it’s time for you to start speaking about wedding ceremonies. Wait what!? Me + wedding advice? WHY on the planet …oh wait- guess who got engaged! Actually, I’m gettin’ betrothed!

Red carpet many years of dating, Kevin sprang the issue in Laguna Beach recently and we're both super excited to begin planning the right Park City Wedding! I believed since i have operate a food blog about Park City, I may as well drag all of you beside me through my wedding ceremony planning process just just in case you're longing for some Park City wedding inspiration. So allow the planning begin.

Firstly, where on the planet don't let perform the deed?

Park City has an array of truly inspiring and incredible locations for any memorable and memorable wedding. Regardless if you are searching for an intimate quiet ceremony encircled by nature or you need to possess a rock-n-roll reception in a five star resort, Park City has everything. Here’s a fast introduction to my 6 favorite Park City Wedding spots to date, in no particular order. Possess some suggestions? Tell me in which you get wed or where you stand searching. I sure can use the assistance!

Click the venue reputation for fast access to every venues wedding/group web site.


Romance, world-class lodging, and amazing sights. Also would you request for? What about delectable catering, seven different locations/venues to select from, and gondola rides for the visitors! The Canyons may be the biggest ski resort in Utah while offering some incredible extra touches for the perfect day. The Canyons experienced employees are devoted to offering the majority of the wedding planning to make sure you possess a relaxing memorable experience – a no stress guarantee! The Canyons offers wedding decor packages, private bridal health spa parties, lighting and seem packages, and linens of the selecting. Need more Canyons romance inspiration? Take a look at theirshowing off beautiful Canyons wedding ceremonies and fun tips and methods.


Sophistication, taste, and easy brilliance. Deer Valley produces wedding ceremonies that families and visitors will remember for many years. With scenic mountain background objects of Park City, three amazing lodges to select from, and renowned cuisine, Deer Valley ought to be in your listing of places to look at for the wedding. Deer Valley provides a huge variety of menus, chair lift rides, bar service, and lodging special offers for the special wedding ceremony. Also, Deer Valley offers picture perfect wedding cakes. Take a look at their even when you choose to got married elsewhere. You cannot fail having a Deer Valley cake!


If you are not searching for the normal Park City resort designed wedding, make certain to look at Park City’s own High West Whiskey Distillery. My buddies are really marriage there this summer time and that i CANNOT WAIT to visit! High West provides an incredibly stylish saloon atmosphere with a little of elegance thrown in. High West has three layouts for your wedding event and may host as much as 175 people. Plus their chef James Dumas is fabulous at designing menus for big groups and may consists of as much as six different main courses of your liking for the visitors.


Blame it on my small inner art geek, however i can’t help imagining the right arty wedding at Kimball Art Center. I really like gallery spaces simply because they boast open layouts, could be decorated with fabulous fashion, and therefore are one step from the traditional typical wedding. Kimball offers 4 rental choices for wedding occasions. The Primary Gallery, Garage Gallery, Badami Gallery, as well as their amazing outside patio. Plus, getting a marriage at Kimball Art Center is means that you're supporting an incredible center for that arts in Park City. Good causes and good occasions, victory win wedding!

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