Temp in Zion National Park

September 8, 2018
Gear for the Narrows in Zion

Typical annual conditions, and what to anticipate in your visit!

For those who have never visited Zion Park, it is usually smart to research out and consider the periodic climate conditions. Earnings temps you'll be going through and travelling in can differ drastically all year round. Zion is in the middle of Southern Utah, that has some extreme variance in weather with respect to the current occasions of the year and weather designs. Southern Utah sits in greater elevations like Zion Park, and also have 4 primary seasons summer time, fall, winter, and spring! This really is defiantly something to bear in mind while you turn to ready your next visit to Zion Park.

Weather in Zion

Zion Park Summer time Weather

Within the summer time (June- September) several weeks it may be hot with very low humidity which makes it feel much warmer than you really believe it is. This will make remaining hydrated just a little harder to complete throughout that season, but clearly vital. Zion is greater in elevation and is the high mountain dessert, therefore the Ultra violet sun rays tend to be more serious. Sun block is advisable for outside re-creating using your summer time several weeks. These are a few things to consider when planning your vacation towards the park. The greatest recorded temperature in Zion was 104 levels F. in 1985. This summer is definitely the most popular several weeks of the season around the block however it still cools lower at night through mid-morning.

Winter Months in Zion

Zion throughout winter (November- Feb) several weeks the park is slow but it's still open and draws many site visitors. The cheapest recorded temperature around the block was -20 Levels F. in 1989. Winter several weeks typically have a greater average of precipitation and can receive both snow and rain. December may be the very coldest several weeks of the season in Zion so take that into account if you are planning to go in the park then. Intend on getting a large coat or layers having a wind proof jacket throughout your winter several weeks in Zion.

Fall and Spring Weather in Zion is Prime

Zion Park throughout the mild fall and spring several weeks of the season, normally have the very best temps and find out no extremes temps generally. Using the average daytime high temps being around 70 degree’s within the mild fall and spring several weeks, it can make for a fantastic choice. Generally Zion Park visitors are away from its peak either with all of facilities and companies being open. Many of these mild several weeks are T-Shirt and shorts weather, but it's usually smart to have a jacket nearby.

Monthly Average Temps in Zion Park

The month of january- Average high 44 levels F., Average Low 21 Levels F.

Feb- Average high 47 levels F., Average Low 24 Levels F.

March – Average high 55 levels F., Average Low 29 Levels F.

April- Average high 62 levels F., Average Low 34 Levels F.

May- Average high 73 levels F., Average Low 42 Levels F.

June- Average high 83 levels F., Average Low 51 Levels F.

This summer- Average high 89 levels F., Average Low 58 Levels F.

August- Average high 86 levels F., Average Low 57 Levels F.

September- Average high 79 levels F., Average Low 48 Levels F.

October- Average high 67 levels F., Average Low 38 Levels F.

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