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March 24, 2020


Contribution from the Browning Family to Guns Manufacturing

John M.Browning was ready for his selected area. His father Johnathan was really a gunsmith with lots of original designs. The household background inventive ability were introduced to deal with on the new area opened up through the recent invention from the metallic cartridge. The first effort ended up being to enhance the guns which were employed for hunting the large game which was plentiful along with a large element of early western existence. His inventions broadened after that to incorporate all areas of guns and centered the area to the current day.

Browning designs include been the foundation for most of the models made by Winchester, Colt, Remington, Stevens, and Fabrique National (FN) of Belgium. The Browning Arms Clients are situated in Morgan, Utah and is a ongoing supporter from the John M. Browning Arms Museum.

Four decades of Brownings are symbolized within the museum. From Johnathan, the daddy, there's the “Harmonica” along with a turning cylinder rifle. John M.’s boy, Val A., did a lot of the first focus on the superposed shotgun. Bruce W., John M.’s grand son is definitely an inventor and designer of a few of the newer Browning guns.

Sporting Rifles

DSC_0471cropThe Browning Single Shot Rifle was created and created in Ogden. The patent was offered to Winchester in 1883, then 18 many years of fruitful collaboration. Many original types of the rifles created for Winchester take presctiption display. Included in this are the Model 94, “the most well-known sporting rifle ever produced”.

Automatic Guns

John Browning was among the first to plot systems to make use of energy produced from firing to load and cycle further models.

These incorporated:

  • Gas: Found in machine guns and semi-automatic shotguns.
  • Recoil: Utilized in bigger quality guns, rifles
  • and shotguns.
  • Inertia: Used mainly in small quality
  • guns and rifles.


The very first effective repeating shotgun would be a Lever Action made by Winchester. Pump models demonstrated to become popular. Producers incorporated Winchester, Stevens and Ithica. Early types of semi-automatic shotguns are proven. The ultimate result was the Browning Auto 5 made by FN in Belgium. The culmination of John Browning’s lifes work was the superposed “Over Under” shotgun.


The Arms Museum shows models created for semi-automatic guns. Many were licensed to Colt beginning having a 1900 military pistol, a number of “Pocket Pistols” and also the Colt Woodsman. The favourite may be the 1911 Colt “45”. The U.S. Military side arm for more than 75 years. Many more were made by Fabrique National of Belgium. Every country on the planet able to manufacturing guns makes guns according to Browning designs.


An earlier Browning machine gun was licensed to Colt in 1895 paving the way in which for a lot of to become produced for the very first World War. Many are still being used through the military today.

  • The heavy 30 quality machine gun, mainstay of WW II.
  • The BAR, introduced in WW I by Val Browning, John’s boy.
  • The 50 quality machine gun utilized on automobiles from Jeeps to aircraft and ongoing with the Iraq war.
  • The 37mm automatic cannon.
  • The Federal Government 45 quality automatic pistol roughly 2Thousand, 000 were created within the 1940’s by Colt yet others.

Miniature Guns

A brief history of guns is presented through an accumulation of miniature models showing the introduction of guns from flintlocks with the Gatling Gun to today’s modern guns.

The John M. Browning Guns museum is situated around the second floor in the north finish of Union Station, there's access by elevator and stairs. Tickets could be bought within the Gift Shop within the Grand Lobby. It's an attraction to not be skipped.

In news reports

In April 2014 C-SPAN visited Ogden and featured the John M. Browning Gun Museums on their own Metropolitan areas Tour. The recording broadcast the weekend of May 3-4, 2014. Conductor Darwin Brimhall was questioned.

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