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June 27, 2021
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Pioneer Memorial Museum, DUP headquarters, Salt Lake City, Utah

The Worldwide Society Kids of Utah Pioneers (ISDUP, DUP) is really a women's organization devoted to protecting a brief history from the original settlers from the geographic area taught in Condition of Deseret and Utah Territory, including Mormon pioneers. The business is available to any lady who's: (1) An immediate-line descendant or legally adopted direct-line descendant having a pioneer ancestor (2) the pioneer ancestor is an individual who traveled to or with the geographic area taught in Condition of Deseret/Utah Territory between This summer 1847 and 10 May 1869 (completing the railroad, May 10, 1869) (3) older than 18, as well as good character. Traverse the geographic area taught in Condition of Deseret/Utah Territory could be either east to west, west to east, north to south, or south to north.


The Kids of Utah Pioneers was organized 11 April 1901 in Salt Lake City. Annie Taylor Hyde, a daughter of John Taylor, leader from the Chapel of Jesus of Latter-day Saints, asked several fifty-four women to her home trying to perpetuate what they are called and accomplishments from the males, ladies and children who have been the pioneers in founding this commonwealth. The DUP (ISDUP) adopted charge of other national lineage communities, like the Kids from the American Revolution, in serving as a nonpolitical and nonsectarian organization. In 1925, the now Worldwide Society Kids of Utah Pioneers (ISDUP) and it is local models were legally incorporated.

Kate B. Carter was Leader of Kids of Utah Pioneers from April 1941 until her dying in September 1976, serving a long associated with a of their presidents. She offered as Leader from the Times of '47 Parade from the begin in 1947 until her dying.


In later decades, the ISDUP (DUP) has labored to save historic sites and landmarks, to gather items, artefacts, manuscripts, photographs, and also to educate its people and everyone. The society keeps satellite museums within the intermountain west, 80-six of these in Utah, and handles a comprehensive collection in the Salt Lake City museum (Pioneer Memorial Museum). Numerous books happen to be released through the society, including community and family histories, cook books, history texts, children's tales, along with a four-volume assortment of biographical sketches "Pioneer Women of Belief and Fortitude" (1998).

Business structure[edit]

ISDUP headquarters are situated within the Pioneer Memorial Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah. The worldwide organization is given with a board. Membership is organized into "companies, " whose presiding officials oversee those activities of "camps" of ten or even more people inside a geographic area. In The Year 2006, the ISDUP comprised of 185 companies managing 1, 050 camps within the U . s . States and Canada having a total living membership of 21, 451.


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Pioneer History Museum, Emery County, Utah
Pioneer History Museum, Emery County, Utah
"Women at Church" Panel at Daughters of Utah Pioneers
"Women at Church" Panel at Daughters of Utah Pioneers ...
Southern Utah Pioneer Museum
Southern Utah Pioneer Museum
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