Park City Utah Fire Department

October 7, 2022
Fire rips through $2.7 Million

Appreciate your interest around the block City Fire Service District (PCFSD). PCFSD offers exciting, challenging, and rewarding career possibilities for males and ladies seeking personal and professional satisfaction in supplying quality services towards the people and site visitors from the District. PCFSD provides excellent salaries and benefits, an amiable, open atmosphere of working together and mutual respect, and the opportunity to create a real difference locally.

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Candidate must first satisfy the minimum qualifications. The entire process of being a Park City Firemen is the following:

  • Senior high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Should be (21) twenty-one years old or older.
  • Utah Firemen Level I Certification (not necessarily needed). (To learn more, please call the UVSC Fire School at 888-548-7816.)
  • Utah Fundamental Emergency Medical Specialist Certification. (To learn more, check out or call 801-273-6666.)
  • Valid License and positive driving history.
  • Candidates must have the ability to communicate effectively in British, both vocally as well as in writing.
  • Should be a citizen from the Usa during the time of application, or provide evidence of appropriate visa.

Candidates must complete the testing process.

  • Pass an extensive written examination.
  • Maintain health to effectively pass an actual ability test.
  • Complete an dental board interview.

Effective candidates will be put on a 2 year, full-time hire list.

The Park City Fire Service District is definitely an Equal Chance Employer. Visits are created without regard to sex, age, race color, religion, national origin, handicap or any other non-job related criteria. Drug screening and testing are needed for those candidates recognized for employment using the Park city Fire Service District.

Human Resouces PO Box 980010

Park City, UT

(435) 940-2513

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Garden City Park Fire Department 100th Anniversary Parade
Garden City Park Fire Department 100th Anniversary Parade ...
Fire department burns apartments for city park
Fire department burns apartments for city park
Fire near park city utah
Fire near park city utah
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