Mt. Zion National Park Utah

July 19, 2023
6 Photos of the The Mt Zion

zion mapAuthorities stated the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway between Canyon Junction and also the East Entrance is closed, and could remain so in to the weekend.

Based on Zion Park authorities, a substantial rock fall happened around the switchback close to the Pine Creek Bridge and it is obstructing each side from the road. It had been reported to fit rangers about 4 AM.

“These are actually large rocks, they blocked each side from the road, ” stated Zion Park Public Matters Officer Jin Prugsawan. “Zion Road deck hands happen to be trying to obvious the street.Inches

The big chunks of rock are how big a sizable outdoor storage shed, weighing between 100 and 200 tons. Initially road deck hands thought they may need to blast the big chunks of rock, but made the decision they might rather split up the rock and haul it.

“Zion road deck hands used a ram hoe to interrupt in the rock, ” stated Prugsawan. “Then these were using front-end loaders along with other heavy equipment to get rid of that debris.”

Deck hands will need to blast the rock and employ heavy machinery to obvious it.

The closure switched a large number of cars from the front gate of Zion Park. Tourist Ray Ellashek stated they planned they are driving with the park enroute to Bryce Canyon, and can are in possession of to re-think plans.

“Holy Cow, ” stated Ellashek on visiting a picture from the rock slide. “That ain’t a rock, that’s a mountain.”

Emergency fact is unavailable around the east side of Zion due to the rock fall.

The Scenic Drive and Zion Canyon remain open. Following the debris is taken away, the government Highway Administration will need to evaluate the direction to determine whether there's any structural damage. Engineers may also assess the high cliff side for an additional potential fall.

Alternate east and west routes can be found via Highway 59 from Hurricane, Utah, to Fredonia, Arizona, and Highway 14 from Cedar plank City, Utah to Lengthy Valley Junction and Highway 89.

Zion National Park Utah
Zion National Park Utah
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