Cheap hotels Zion National Park

August 26, 2022
Springdale Hotels

"Freshly refurbished, quiet stick with great deck view"

Booking Driftwood Lodge would be a last second decision, however it would be a great one. Here ar first: Location. Sure, all the hotels in Springdale are right facing Zion. However, what sets Driftwood apart is it is around the quieter side. The middle of Zion Park Blvd might have heavy feet &lifier automobile traffic, that we find diminishes the expertise of being outdoors. Additionally, Driftwood may be the first stop around the Zion Shuttle, so that you can grab great seats while riding into Zion Park. second: Staff. We'd a final minute switch to the amount of residents and also the front desk staff handled it superbly. Most significantly, they did not gouge us for adding heads. She did warn me the only problem we're able to have had been cramped in a dual. 3rd: Room. With four grown ups along with a baby inside a double room, I had been feeling just a little nervous. However, after i opened up the doorway, it had been like certainly one of individuals online hotel booking advertisements where your jaw drops and you're shocked in the deal you have. The Double room was HUGE, clean, and air-conditioned! The lavatories were freshly refurbished having a small kitchen space with microwave, small fridge, and coffee machine. fourth: Breakfast. Your reservation features a hot breakfast buffet with eggs, sausage/sausage, taters, toast, bagels, and cereal products from 7-9:30am. Getting camped a couple of days in Bryce before remaining at Driftwood, it was AWESOME.

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