Zion National Park cabins for Rentals

August 29, 2022
Vacation rental cabin!

Our Zion Mountain cabin features fully stocked kitchen, laundry room, 2 car garage, 2 fireplaces, gated community, with close proximity to Zion National Park (7 miles from East Entrance) and Bryce Canyon National Park, making it ideal for large groups/families. With 5 bedrooms/4 baths, nearly each bedroom enjoys the privacy of its own bathroom next door/attached. Zion Mountain Cabin comfortably sleeps 18. The cabin is also located less than a mile from Zion Ponderosa Resort, making it a great spot to enjoy the amenities the Resort has to offer.

The Space
*Large fully equipped kitchen with island (bar seats 7 + dining table seats 10)
*Bedroom 1 – King
*Bedroom 2 – Queen
*Bedroom 3 – Queen
*Bedroom 4 – Queen
*Bedroom 5 - Queen + 2 Twins
*Loft - Queen Sofa Sleeper
*Additional sleeping - 4 twin size hide-a-mats
*Master suite has a fireplace, separate tub and shower, double sinks, and a separate covered deck
*3 separate decks, including private deck off the master bedroom
*Entertainment Loft has TV with surround sound system
*Spectacular views from covered deck off the loft
*Laundry room with washer and dryer
*3 Garden Tubs + 1 Regular Tub
*Iron and ironing board
*2 gas fireplaces
*Living Room TV with surround sound system
*Home Audio System
*DVD player
*Wifi/High Speed Internet
*Large deck with outdoor BBQ
*Central Air Conditioning

Guest Access
This newly listed home is privately owned and located in Zion Ponderosa gated community. With 5 bed/4 bath, large dining area, and spacious open family/dining room, as well as entertainment room upstairs, you can't go wrong for couples/families who want their own bed/bath and amenities, or large groups and family gatherings. Access and use of Zion Ponderosa facilities available for an additional resort fee. ZP Amenities include swimming pool, jacuzzi, miniature golfing, ziplines, rock climbing wall, ATV tours etc. Cabin is also located close to Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, Brian Head Ski Resort, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, ATV trails and much more. This home sits on 1.25 acres of private property surrounding by pine trees and fresh mountain air. Snow removal and year-round access available.

The Neighborhood
The privacy of this cabin makes it an ideal way to relax after exploring the outdoors/national parks nearby. The cabin is located in a gated community with other Zion Ponderosa cabins located within walking distance, making it ideal for families renting more than one home in the subdivision. Zion National park East Entrance is only a 7 mile (10 minute) drive. Located close to Zion 'The Narrows' trailhead and so much more.

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