Zion National Park for kids

September 29, 2019
View from Weeping Rock

The siren song of Zion Park continues to be calling character enthusiasts for decades. Walkers flock here every year to climb sandstone peaks and splash with the Virgin River to go in The Narrows. A vacation to Zion may be the highlight of numerous family’s summer time holidays, even if temps within this desert region achieve scorching levels. Could it be worthwhile? Why yes it's.

Zion Park was one of the numerous parks we squashed into our mix-country journey once we moved from Dallas to Maryland in October 2014. An easy visit to begin to see the Redwoods and Yosemite rapidly converted into a vacation to see as numerous nature in the western world as you possibly can, despite the fact that we're able to only spend in regards to a day in every. We'd go onto see Bryce Canyon and also the Grand Canyon after Zion before we reserved it towards the new england.

Our boys, who have been age range 2 and 5 at that time, were seeing areas of their country they never understood been around. My spouse and i were excited to understand more about whenever possible, and our boys were greater than up for that adventure. Actually, my earliest pressed us more in Zion than the other parks by insisting we complete the Emerald Pools hike (see below) before we left the park for that evening. We simply had eventually to understand more about and that he didn’t wish to miss a factor.

Organizing any type of vacation could be demanding, and Zion Park isn't any different. You will find a couple of items to know before you decide to mind to the park striking the paths. If you're short promptly, this is actually the perfect guide for you personally, but when you are wanting to stay greater than a day, you’ll still love this particular easy help guide to going through the park with kids.

Places to stay

The drive into Springdale, UT towards Zion Park is filled with lodging options that'll be pleased to have both you and your children stay. We loved the Cliffrose Lodge and Garden. It had been a simple five-minute enter the park, situated across the Virgin River and ten or twenty yards from restaurants around. The rooms were spacious and cozy and also the staff went far above to create our stay easy and enjoyable. The incorporated breakfast didn’t hurt either.

Things to pack

  • Water
  • Sun block
  • Hat
  • Shades
  • Hiking boots or good walking footwear
  • Snacks for the hikes
  • Have a picnic lunch (unless of course you consume around the block in the lodge)
  • Kid company (baby strollers works on very couple of trails)

Know prior to going

  • Park entrance fee $25 per vehicle/ $12 per pedestrian
  • Mobile phones fail to work around the block. Stay with the paths.
  • Look into the weather before you begin a hike. Distant storms may cause expensive surges. Request park rangers in the visitor’s center should you aren’t sure about weather or trail conditions.
  • You'll need more water than you believe. It's the desert and you'll dry out more rapidly while hiking round the park, particularly if you are transporting a child lying on your back.


The parking lots in Zion fill by 10am most morning out on another begin to obvious out until about 3pm. Walk out of your hotel towards the park visitor’s center if that's a choice or park in Springdale (the city just outdoors from the park) free of charge and go ahead and take free shuttle in to the park.

The tram

Among the best areas of the park may be the free shuttle system which brings you to definitely different spots throughout Zion Canyon. You are able to leave your vehicle within the lot and dive in. Shuttles run regularly and you'll never watch for one for too lengthy.

Kid-friendly hikes

Riverside Walk (easy): The Narrows are legendary, however when you are exploring Zion Park with young children the closet you can find may be the finish from the Riverside Walk. This peaceful and paved hike run across the river that carves its way with the canyon. You've got the opportunity to skip a couple of gemstones, lookup in the mammoth rocks which make Zion the wonder she's and find out lots of walkers in water pants and water footwear returning in the Narrows. The hike makes it worth while even when you cannot venture on in to the Narrows. Go ahead and take shuttle towards the finish and merely start walking. It’s a terrific way to start your entire day in Zion.

Emerald Pool Trail (simple to moderate): The Emerald Pool Trail begins out simple as you wander the right path through some forest on the paved trail. You'll hear the swimming pool before you decide to view it based on the season as water crashes on the high cliff in to the first pool. You may also walk underneath the waterfall. Just watch out—it could possibly get slippery. The way in the lower Emerald Pool towards the upper Emerald pool does obtain a little more difficult. The paved trail vanishes and you'll walk on the sand and rock trail, which could get slippery in spots. You will find no guardrails, so make certain more youthful children steer clear of the edge. The ultimate leg from the upper pool does require climbing a couple of rocks, but it’s nothing a mother or father with sure footing along with a baby inside a company on their own back couldn’t do after some hands holding using their spouse. If our 5 years old can perform the whole trip, you can as well.

Other trails you might like to tackle

  • Archeology Trail (easy)
  • The Grotto Trail (easy)
  • Pa’rus Trail (easy)
  • Weeping Rock Trail (easy)
  • Canyon Overlook (moderate)

Animal Encounters

Within the canyon you may encounter a couple of animals that you simply weren’t expecting. Look out for scorpions, mountain lions and desert tortoises. This really is their house, not yours, so be sincere and provide them space. We didn’t encounter any creatures except a couple of elk inside a area, but i was always looking.

Other creatures Zion is renowned for:

  • Steller’s Jay
  • Peregrine falcon
  • Tarantula
  • Bats
  • Canyon tree frog
  • Black-chinned hummingbird


You can't really drive into Zion Canyon. You need to take one of the numerous shuttles running a loop through the park, walk or ride your bike. It has assisted alleviate congestion as well as result in the canyon one of the most peaceful nature in the usa, or at best I believe so. The shuttle is free of charge and causes it to be very easy to understand multiple spots around the block in only eventually.

Zion-Mount Carmel Highway: There's one drive it can be done goes east from the park should you drive far enough—the Zion- Mount Carmel Highway (Rt. 9). This drive is certainly worthwhile, because you will drive-thru rock archways, a really impressive tunnel which was dug out manually, and pass stunning various colored sandstone which was around prior to guy most likely.

One-Day in Zion Park with kids itinerary

  • Go into the park the moment it opens (8a.m.)
  • Speak with the park rangers about hiking conditions
  • Go ahead and take shuttle towards the finish from the line
  • Walk across the Riverside Walk (a couple of hrs)
  • Go ahead and take shuttle to Weeping Rock trail
  • Hike Weeping Rock trail (about half an hour)
  • Go ahead and take shuttle to Zion Lodge
  • Mix the road and climb the Emerald Pools Trail
  • Lunch at Zion Lodge
  • Go ahead and take shuttle to Zion History Museum
  • Explore the museum before hiking the Pa’rus Trail
  • Go ahead and take shuttle to the Visitor’s Center, purchase a couple of mementos
  • Hop within the vehicle and drive the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway
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Granny takes the kids to Zion National Park
Granny takes the kids to Zion National Park
Zion National Park The Narrows with the kids
Zion National Park The Narrows with the kids
Zion National Park
Zion National Park
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