Bryce National Park, Utah

April 18, 2022
Thor s Hammer Hoodoo in Bryce
  • From Salt Lake City

    Take I-15 south to UT-20 (exit 95). Travel east on UT-20 to all of us-89. Follow US-89 south to UT-12. Travel east on UT-12 to UT-63. Take UT-63 south to Bryce Canyon Park.

    From Vegas

    Take I-15 north to UT-9 (exit 16) east that takes you thru scenic Zion Park (or take UT-14 (exit 59) east being an alternate) to all of us-89, go north to UT-12 (Scenic Byway) go east to UT-63 that is in entrance to Bryce Canyon Park.

    From Grand Junction

    Take I-70 west to all of us-89 (exit 23), go south to UT-12 (Scenic Byway, go east to UT-63.

  • Garfield County Travel Council

    55 South Primary Street
    Panguitch, Utah

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    Bryce Canyon Park


38F 17F Climate

1.5" Avg. Precipitation (inches)

17.1" Avg. Snowfall (inches)

The first look at the park is really a dramatic unveiling. Wind through stands of pine trees until they break in the rim of Bryce Canyon Park, revealing a panorama of goblins, towers and fins of the color you cannot quite title. (What’s the Pantone number for “Leif Erikson’s Beard”?) The canyon’s epic comes alive while you undertake the 37-mile circuit — especially because the sun increases and sets.

You can study a great deal with regards to you considering Bryce Amphitheater. Would you visit a purgatorial cavern moving with devils? …beatific angels lining the stadium of paradise? …the Claron Formation’s variously dense, variously iron-wealthy layers of dirt-, silt- and limestone, chop up by water and frost within an 800-feet mix portion of the Paunsaugunt Plateau that lays bare the geologic record because the last dinosaurs bought the farm? See what you would like and interpret accordingly. (It’s unfortunate Sigmund Freud never hiked the Fairyland Loop.)

Talking about frost, don’t pack for Zion when you are likely to Bryce, that is a full 18˚F cooler. The rim reaches 9, 100 ft above ocean level, so This summer peaks around 80˚F and winter snow stays around until April. (Yeah, snow. Plenty of it. John Mind Ski Resort is simply in the road. Benefit from the desert paradox.) It’s annually-round park: comfortable all summer time and snowy hoodoos alllow for gorgeous mix-country skiing winter to spring.

Bike it, hike it, snowshoe or ride a equine. Should you not wish to park, visit the shuttle and individuals-watch between viewpoints. Have a cameraful of images nobody will understand and allow the giant yellow-pink monsters haunt your dreams.

Bryce National Park, Utah in HD
Bryce National Park, Utah in HD
Bryce Canyon National Park. Utah 1.
Bryce Canyon National Park. Utah 1999.
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA
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