Utah Olympic Park events

July 16, 2018

Utah Olympic Park Slip 'n slideThe Olympic Park in Park City, Utah lately finished makeovers to the ski jumps. And, to celebrate the finish from the summer time, they opened up in the jumps towards the public — like a massive slip ‘n slide course.

The big event, entitled Slip ‘n Soar, happened on Saturday and permitted local people in the Park City area to test jumps normally only restricted to the best winter sport sports athletes on the planet.

After upgrading that old, wooden ski ramps around the block to new, secure steel ski ramps, Utah Olympic Park Marketing Manager Melanie Welch stated the park was searching for a method to draw public interest.

“Now, it’s finally arrived at fruition after we’ve guaranteed the types of materials and delicately to use the big event, ” she told the Park Record. “Now that we’re approaching the finish of summer time, we thought it’d be considered a nice way in conclusion our summer time season and provide people, who may not be snowboarders or sports athletes of any type, an chance to determine the ramps close up. It’s a great way to open the doorways to everybody.”

“People that wouldn’t think they'd find yourself getting to visit from the jumps customize the method to type of go through the jumps, ” stated Norman. “It’s maybe rather less intimidating than putting on a set of skis.”

And also the event wasn’t simply appreciated through the public in particular: Olympians like Australia’s Danielle Scott loved the chance to take a rest using their intense agendas.

“I think it’s pretty awesome, ” stated Scott. “We perform a large amount of intense training, which is playtime now, so it’s pretty great.”

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Olympic Park at Park City, Utah
Olympic Park at Park City, Utah
Utah Olympic Park Corporate Event
Utah Olympic Park Corporate Event
Utah Olympic Park
Utah Olympic Park
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